In this course, we will examine the Book of Psalms from three angles: Exegetical, theological, and pastoral.

            In the initial part of the course, we will examine the Psalms from an exegetical perspective. We will first do a survey of poetic literature in the Ancient Near East, and we will examine the major characteristics of Hebrew poetry. This first section will then be followed by a general introduction to the Psalter as well as a discussion of the hermeneutical issues specifically related to the interpretation of the Psalms.

            In the second part of the course, we will exegete a number of specific Psalms and explore some of their theological themes and contemporary implications.

            In the third part of the course, we will give special attention to the relevance of the Psalms for the believer and the Christian community. We will seek to explore the various ways in which the Psalter can be used in the life of the Church. In this respect, we will particularly focus on the use of the Psalms in preaching/teaching, counseling, spiritual formation, chaplaincy, corporate worship, and individual prayer.