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Automatically created courses for 2020-21

Automatically created courses for 2020-21

by Ryan Rempel -
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Moodle courses have now automatically been created for all 2020-21 courses at CMU, based on registration data. Here are some things you should be aware of as we make this transition.

The new courses are organized by academic year. So, all current courses can be found under the 2020-2021 category. Within each academic year, they are organized by department. (There are also a few additional top-level categories for non-academic "courses", and courses from before the transition to automatically-created courses).

Students are automatically enrolled (and un-enrolled) in Moodle courses according to CMU registration data. The synchronization is not immediate -- it is done in batches, at least once a day. So, as students register or drop courses, they will be enrolled and unenrolled from the equivalent course in Moodle.

Instructors are also automatically assigned to Moodle courses.

Where are my old courses?

The manually-created courses from the past (including anything you've manually created recently) have been moved to a "Pre-2020" category. So, everything is still there -- it has just been re-organized.

Generally speaking, you will want to import material from a previous version of a course when you are setting up a new course -- for instance, last year's course, or a course that you've created manually. This is an easy process which is described in the Tech Tools for Instructors course.

What if something goes wrong?

The synchronization between CMU registration data and Moodle is a new process, and some refinements are likely to be needed.

  • Registration changes should be synced with Moodle within about a day. If that doesn't happen, contact and we will investigate.
  • There will, no doubt, be some "edge cases" that the automated system will not handle correctly by itself. Let us know about them, and we will either fix the system, or make manual adjustments.